Triathlon Training in Thailand

Our most tailor-made training helps you to effectively master your preferred disciplines

Sports and leisure package

  • individual training per hour THB 1500
  • 10 hours THB 14000

Group training from 2 persons Price depends on the group size.

  • We offer pick-up vehicle including driver, guide and unlimited kilometers (within Thailand). The price is staggered according to the number of participants (TN)
  • 1 day 1 TN = THB 2250 / person
  • 1 day 2 TN = THB 1600/ person
  • 1 day 3 TN = THB 1250 / person
  • 1 day 4 TN = THB 950 / person






Our bespoke training will help you effectively master your favorite disciplines


Do you want to learn a more effective swimming style?

In the immediate vicinity of Chiang Rai there are 2 swimming pools with 50 meter lifts and 3 pools with 25 meters of track. There swimming training is offered. Our trainers do a video analysis and then create an individual training plan.

In the area around Chiang Rai there are lakes that invite you to openwater training and paddling. Everything is very easy to reach by bike, we always provide a pick-up service (vehicle) and nobody has to swim, cycle or run alone.

2 Swimmstadiun 50 Meter
3 Swimmpools 25 Meter
Several lakes for open water swimming
Video analysis of your swimming style
body flexibility check
Individual training plan


The roads in Thailand are in a good to very good condition, most roads are suitable for the road bike and have a wide well paved shoulder of 2 meters. The selected cycle routes are low traffic and have different profiles. The surrounding mountains invite for mountain driving and are ideal training for endurance.

Through joint effort in the group and during the coupling runs, it is well known that a special group dynamic is created, which inspires each individual once again. But there is always the possibility to drive only parts.

A pickup service can be booked at any time. This allows each athlete to train individually on the bike during our training sessions and the usual performance variations in the group can be compensated. But there is always the possibility to drive only parts.

For longer and multi-day trips is a support vehicle with spare wheel and bike mechanic always there.

In each village we get food, fruit, noodle soups to isodrinks and at any time of the day!

Road bike & mountain bike trails with different profiles
Rental bikes
Individual training plan
Bicycle workshop
Pick-Up Service


We want you to have a lot of fun running and be happy when you put on the running shoes. A running style analysis with a trained eye, we offer, give you individualtechnique exercise at hand.

In the immediate vicinity are good opportunities for running and pair training.

The 400 meter tartan track is well suited for technique and interval training.

The paths around our resort are flat, wavy and mountainous. There is a suitable training track for every requirement.

Running tracks with different profiles
400 meters tartan track
Running style analysis
body flexibility check
Individual training plan
Pick-Up Service



Directly at the swimming pool there is a tartan track, so can follow directly after the swimming unit a running unit.

The lakes in the surrounding area also invite for pair training.

In 1.5 kilometers from our training resort is the old airport with the runway of 1.8 kilometers, this area is car-free and is ideal to train the change from cycling to running and or to complete a two-way training.


Rons Tipps for faster Transition

in wonderful landscapes
absolutely car-free
Pick-Up Service

Rehabilitation –  Sport Athletik / Stabi / Yoga

Before we do general athletics and stabilization exercises with you, we offer you to test your agility and strength. Based on this, we can jointly create a plan that brings you from the current state to the target state.

A good athleticism is the prerequisite for technically well-executed sport, the torso stabilization is an important building block for all athletes. We give you the right tools with functional gymnastics and yoga. Also strength training in the studio is offered.

Our licensed rehabilitation trainer is available with advice and assistance.

Our resort hosts meditation and yoga sessions.

body agility
strength training
Stabilization training
Neurophysiological knowledge
Individual training plan

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