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Well trained coaches and experienced guides

Our coaches set new training stimuli to optimize you and our guides will guide you safely on the training tracks. To help you feel completely safe, bike mechanics, physio, cooks and nutritionists make our team complete. For people with limitations or injuries, coaches have the DBS’s orthopedic license.


is the contact person and camp leader has been an active triathlete and endurance athlete for over 10 years and has turned his hobby into a career. He is a licensed coach of the German Olympic Sports Federation in the fields of triathlon and rehabilitation. Languages: German, English and Thai


an experienced and successful triathlete and coach has been an ambitious triathlete since his youth and still wins triathlon, running and cycling competitions regularly in his age group. Ron has lived in Thailand for over 10 years and is a successful coach here, he has already brought many athletes to the podium. His other big passion is climbing and canoeing. Languages: Dutch, English and Thai


has been living in Chiang Rai for well over 10 years and has visited all important places in the province by bicycle. He loves cycling since childhood. For the proper development, cycling came to him here, in the north of Thailand. In a relatively concentrated space, he found cycling routes for all demands. In addition to flat stretches on low-traffic side roads, there are more demanding tours over hilly terrain. Several mountains in the province of Chiang Rai with a difference in altitude of more than 1000 meters in varying degrees of difficulty offer him the chance to combine his love of nature, mountains and bicycle. His kindness and inner serenity are the basis for people in his environment to be motivated and active. Sanug (fun) means to him, despite more or less ambitious goals never to forget that free time should be fun. Languages: German, English, Thai


As a nutritionist and rehab trainer, she takes care of the well-being of her fellow human beings and is also happy to assist our team with her experience. Languages: German and English


she is the good soul of the company provides with an experienced team for regeneration and development through traditional Thai medical massages. Languages: Thai and English


she is an experienced guide and manager. She finds a solution for every problem.

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