Our idea

is not off the shelf. Everyone is welcome. There are no requirements.

Who are we?

A group of coaches, guides, physios … would like to offer you a nice stay.

Our sports resort

is located on the inner edge of Chiang Rai …

bicycle tour

start with us a bike tour of your choice and enjoy the all-round service

What awaits you at the Triathlon training camp?

Instead of anonymous mass tourism you will find us a personal care in a beautiful and quiet resort complex. A well-functioning, competent and friendly team will inspire you – as a beginner as well as a professional.

Our concept and the family atmosphere in our camp is designed to make the event even for partners and non-competitive athletes. So we offer optimal training possibilities for the athlete and at the same time – for the partner e.g. – Individual tours to the highlights in Thailand.

Well – and the ideal climate, the many individual training routes with beautiful nature impressions, attractions of all kinds and the culinary delights are of course indispensable ‘helper’ our name -SANUG = fun and joy – to meet every demand.



What we can do for you:


To make you feel completely comfortable, we try to offer varied sports and leisure packages or to create them individually. Our sports packages include well-developed training concepts. However, should you pursue other sporting goals, we will be happy to create an individual plan – your wishes are program!


Your partners always have the opportunity to accompany you while exercising or they use our various leisure programs over time. The good location of the camp also invites you to ‘explore yourself’ the environment – with or without a guide!

Why Northern Thailand?

The climatic conditions, the beautiful nature, the many cultural highlights, the mountains with very well paved roads as training routes – the many clean and good swimming areas, no matter if lakes or pools – the warmth of the people here and the slightly different culinary delights. and, and, and … we can only touch on the “why”, you should just experience it !!

training strategy

Our concept is not off the shelf! We create individual training plans, based on your sporting level and we accompany you to your sporting goal.

A first, personal conversation serves as an ‘as-is-analysis’ and gives you the opportunity to define athletic goals and desires. Building on this, individual training sessions are selected, combined and a plan – tailored to you – created.

And – in order for the plan to work, we also want to sensitize you to the topics of nutrition and regeneration.

1. Is analysis

At the beginning, in a joint conversation, you will find out where you want to go and check your athletic level. So u.a. the mobility tested and videos are made of the swimming and running style. The maximum heart rate is determined, then we can train with the terms like REKOM, GA1, WAS etc. with you. The seating position on the bike is analyzed. With the results, we can show deficits and plan the training accordingly.


1. Targets

Together we will plan your season goals, discuss the training sessions and set realistic goals. Improving your performance is achieved through effective training and targeted technique exercises.


3. Athletics

A good athleticism is the prerequisite for technically well-executed sport, the torso stabilization is an important building block for all athletes. We give you the right tools with functional gymnastics and yoga. Also strength training in the studio is offered.


4. endurance training

The bike tours in the mountains offer ideal strength endurance training, these tours combined with pair training improve your strength endurance. We will set new training stimuli. Let yourself be surprised.

5. speed

If you want to be fast, you have to train speed. Stress endurance seems to have little to do with speed, but a look into the inner world of our musculature shows that it is important for a high basic speed.

6. nutrition

Nutrition is an important pillar for every athlete, because the factor of nutrition has an enormous impact on athletic performance. To achieve your sporting goals, with e.g. Carboloading, etc., we give you important dietary advice and on request, we create a plan.

About me

I am the Andre – your contact person in this camp and to let you know who you are dealing with, let me introduce myself here. I’m lucky to be able to make my hobbies my job – I am a passionate trainer in a country that is still rediscovered on my tours. And this fun of training and the enthusiasm for this country, I transfer to my fellow human beings. Once a longtime self-employed in the medical and IT sector, I sought my compensation in endurance sports and traveling. I came straight to the sport of triathlon. On a marathon trip to Turkey …



Barbara from Switzerland: “André’s power and his authentic way has spurred on pushing his own boundaries and outgrowing training. It was a fantastic experience. Many thanks to you. “

Brigitte and Herb from German: “Andre’s joie de vivre and his great charisma are immediately infected, and training in Chiang Rai in January 2018 was just great. The country, Andre as coach, the massage from Daranee just top. “

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